Thursday, May 14, 2009

AG Jeans are back in stock

Some of your favorite denim styles are back in stock!

We're offering you a perfect summer weight (8 oz.) of The Club jean in the Local wash. We'll carry The Club as long as AG still makes it since it just seems to fit and flatter just about every woman who tries them on. We also have The Club in White...we think every woman needs a good pair of white jeans for the summer, and The Club definitely delivers! The weight on these is a little more than the Local wash at 10 oz., but of course this is a good thing with white denim.
Last is The Angel in Plush Powder. This bootcut style, non-denim pant feels divine on your body as it's super light weight (7.2 oz) and still has a good amount of stretch. Not only does it feel good on, but it's very soft (plush?!) to the hand too! It's a perfect option for any day where you just aren't feelin' jeans but want the shape and style denim can provide.

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