Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Great Gifts Under $100!!

Want to spread some Holiday cheer without breaking the bank? We have great gifts for everyone on your list all at $100 or less!!! The best part-now you'll have some money left over to shop for yourself ;)

$25 and Under: Peridot Paper haute holidays gift wrap set, $17.50; Beanpod soy candles, $15; Hanky Panky original and lowrise, $18; Bella Designs earrings, $25; and Peridot Paper bottle topper, $4.50.

$54 and Under: Lee Erickson silk bow headband, $38; Hanky Panky 3 pack gift set, $54; Golden Stella pearl and crystal bracelet, $35; Ruth Barzel pearl and crystal earrings, $46; and Niven Morgan north pole candle, $32.

$75 and Under: Lilla P layering crewneck tee, $55; Posh Chic ruffle scarf, $68; Golden Stella bib necklace, $60; and Gerard Yosca crystal bracelet, $54.

$100 and Under: Bella Designs earrings, $85; M. Andonia day planner, $99; Lee Erickson beaded headband, $78; and Ruth Barzel necklace, $79.

1 comment:

Va Morelia said...

the Golden Stella bib necklace is the greatest!