Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Model of the Month: Ashley Goff

Periwinkle Model of the Month for April

Working Mom and Mother of 3: Ashley Goff

-Eva Franco Summer Frock: Perfect for Memorial Day Party!-
-Easter Sunday-

-Blue Calypso Dress, Beth Bowley Ivory Cardigan, and Super Comfy Modern Vintage Wedge Sandals- The Perfect Non-Wrinkle Dress: Anni Kuan -Every busy Mother's Dream Come True- - Lunch Out with The Girlfriends (No kiddos!)-

-Lesley Evers Rockridge Skirt, Kylie and Anni Kuan wrap blouse- -Day for Running a Million Errands - -LillaP Pink Cotton Dress, Hudson White jean jacket and again the amazingly comfortable Modern Vintage sandal-

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