Monday, September 26, 2011

Pat Kennan- September Model of the Month!

Please help me welcome our September Model of the Month!

Pat Kennan

Dress Size: 8

Shoe Size: 8

-Night out at Signature Theatre-

-Shoshanna Blazer, Anni Kuan Skinny Pants and Beverly Feldman Class Act Heels-

-Night Out in the Chill-
-Anni Kuan Coat in Ocean-

-Casual Shopping Attire-

-Yoana Baraschi Double Breasted Jacket, "The Shirt" (including double buttons along bust-line to prevent gapping) and Beverly Feldman Flats, "Below."

-Ladies Who Lunch!-

-Cookie Johnson Jegging, Libby Edelman Bow Flat, Rectangle Stitched Tote, "The Shirt," and Anni Kuan Turqouise Cardigan -

-Game Day!-

-Lola Cruz 2-Toned Boots, Cookie Johnson Jegging, Bleeker Tote, Yoana Barschi Cape-

-Checking Off the To-Do List Day!-

-Autumn Cashmere Striped Sweater, Cookie Johnson Jegging, Lola Cruz boots-

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