Monday, March 5, 2012

#1 Reason We Love March: Spring Trina Turk!

So fabulous that it's in all 3 locations! Trina Turk Tops, Pants, and Dress for every occasion!
What's available at Periwinkle Potomac Greens?Trina Turk Annabel Dress and Sheldon Top

Trina Turk Princess Dress, Julian Sless Dress and Pearl Dress
Trina Turk Violet Dress and Millicent Dress
Trina Turk Lenae Tops, Monique Cardigans and Ashbridge Sweaters
Trina Turk Ashbridge Sweater, Lenae Stripe Top with Monique Cardigan
Trina Turk Princess Dress, Salvatore Jacket, Lavinia Top and Cuffed Trek Pant
All above styles available at Periwinkle Potomac Greens

National Harbor
Trina Turk Millicent Dress, Annabel Dress, Violet Dress
Available at Periwinkle National Harbor

Shirlington Village
Trina Turk Julian Sless Dress, Kearney Dress
Trina Turk Princess Dress
Trina Turk Lenea Tops, Finn Ruffle Top
Trina Turk Violet Dress, Annabel Dress, Millicent Dress
Above styles available at Periwinkle Shirlington Village

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