Saturday, December 22, 2012

Resort Wear Has Arrived In Shirlington!

From Afternoon Lunch to Evening Entertainment - Julie Brown
From Beach to Bar - Julie Brown Will Get You There
Fun For The Entire Family With Three Islands
Mud Pie Totes and Clutches - Eliza B. Flip Flops - Three Islands Belts and Bangles
Complete The Look
Take a Closer Look!!
Don't Forget To Protect Your Face With Hats From Mud Pie
Show Off Your Well-Manicured Toes With Mystique Wedge Flip Flops
Stay Cozy With Casual Cashmere - Claudia Nichole
Shown With The Shirt
Darling Dresses, Julie Brown Dress and Claudia Nichole Cashmere
Darling Cardigan With The Shirt, a Lee Erickson Sash And A Golden Stella Necklace

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