Friday, December 12, 2008

Periwinkle Gift Guide - Part 1

December is nearly half over, and we'd like to help you out this holiday season as you make the final checks on your shopping list! From now until Christmas, we'll be recommending some sure-fire gifts that are "Recess-mas" friendly (i.e., won't put you back more than $100). Here's our first recommendation...

Hanky Panky Ornaments - $30
These great thong undies have been described by our customers as "the non-thong", "the most comfortable thongs I've ever tried", "the ONLY thongs I'll wear" and "the thong you give to a friend who swears she'll never wear thongs and then converts!". Hanky Panky loyalists love them because their wide, stretchy lace waistband doesn't pinch, pull or rub. And, they're pretty! Each box/ornament contains (1) jeweled Original style Hanky Panky Thong in your choice of Powder Blue with a present, White with a snowman and Red with a Christmas tree. These are the perfect option for lil' gifts for the gals and ideal stocking stuffers for the women in your family. They are one size fits all (up to about a size 14) - don't worry about offending anyone by buying the wrong size. Grab a handful of these here at Periwinkle while you're out and about this weekend!

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