Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Periwinkle Gift Guide - Part 3

"Fashion Emergency Kit" - $20 and up

Here's a fun, functional gift that will even earn you some extra points for creativity! Put together a "fashion emergency kit" for her from our selection of items from Foot Petals and Hollywood Fashion Tape. Combine them in a make-up bag (pick one up at Target) or simply a holiday gift bag...or, we can provide you with a Periwinkle bag and some tissue. We suggest you choose at least 3 items for your kit, but with these super-handy items, the more you give her the merrier she'll be! Of course, these all make for crowd-pleasing stocking stuffers, too.

Hollywood Fashion Tape $10.95
These are the classic strips of stretchy double-sided tape that help keep your dress straps up, hold up an undone hem in a pinch, keep your blouse from gaping open and so on. They come in a convenient tin that's perfect to keep in your purse for an unexpected "emergencies".

Tag Tamers $9.00
Keep annoying, itchy tags off your back and from poking out of your clothing without cutting off the original tag, which drives your dry cleaner crazy and prevents you from ever selling items in consigment shops or ebay.

Sole Stopperz $6.95
Every gal likes to make a fabulous debut into a party or event, but no gal wants to slide in the door on her tush! Sole Stopperz are essential for the bottom of your heels in the winter when snow can leave dangerous puddles of water lurking about. They'll give you extra traction...and confidence!

Oil Blotting Sheets $9.95
Keep your complextion shine-free without disturbing your make-up!

No-Shows Dispoable Nipple Covers $9.00

Sometimes, an outfit just plain requires you to go bra-less. No-Shows save the day with comfortable and easy to apply (and remove!) nipple covers...MUCH better than Band-Aids!

Killer Kushionz $12.95

This blogger thinks these are essential for just about every pair of shoes you own...they keep your feet from sliding too far forward in the shoe, add an extra layer of cushion, absorb shock and keep your feet dry.

Make-Out Mints $3.50
Cute lil' heart-shaped peppermints in a handy tin...ya never know when you might need them. :)

Hook-Ups Bra Converting Clip $9.95
An ingenious device that converts any bra to a cross-back style and helps hide bra straps for racer-back tops and dresses.

Extras Silicone Breast Enhancers $44.00
No, these don't require an appointment with a plastic surgeon, but they DO help boost your bust a full cup size! Extras help you add cleavage and fill out a dress or top better. You just slip them into any bra, or even a swim suit!

Clear Bra Straps $7.00
Switch out your regular straps for these for sheer fabrics and prevent dark bra straps from distracting from your look.

Heavenly Heelz $6.95
Keep your heels from slipping out of the back of your shoes, prevent blisters or help a pair of shoes bought too big work better for you.

Behind the Seams Apparel Shields $10.00
Keep your clothing looking (and smelling!) new and fresh longer by slipping these dress shields into the underarm area. They'll keep you from making so many trips to the dry cleaner and prevent stains, odor and embarassing wetness.
Amazing Arches $6.95
Slip these into your shoes to achieve that "perfect fit" feeling while also reducing back pain, absorbing shock and reducing "foot fatigue". Great for ladies with low or no arches.

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