Monday, December 15, 2008

Periwinkle Gift Guide - Part 2

Luminary Candles - $24
These soy-wax candles simply have the best scents! It's not uncommon for customers (and employees, too!) to buy an arm-load to last them a few months, or to give as gifts for any occasion, including Christmas and Hanukkah! Each jar is surprisingly long-lastly and burns around 65 hours. We burn them here in the store and just one jar fills the entire store with a delicious scent. And yep, they're made in the USA. We're especially fond of the fall & winter scent varieties, including:
- Holiday: Your classic, spicy holiday scent. When you think of the holidays, this is what you smell!
- Divine Winter: Refreshing spearmint-like scent.
- Fresh Bake: This one smells like a batch of freshly baked cookies - irresistible!
- Fall Harvest: Think spiced cider with a hint of orange.

We don't have a whole lot of these left, so don't wait until the 23rd to get yours!

P.S. Did you know there's just 10 days until Christmas and only 8 days left to shop at Periwinkle? We'll be closed on the 24th & 25th.

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